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Live the Dream - Join Bernard and Martin in a journey of discovery and adventure - and big fish!


The Films

  Programme 1 - Searching for Gold
Angling is a pastime that transports us to another world so Bernard and Martin show us how childhood
adventures by the waterside and exploring the underwater world can lead to a giant barbel.


   Programme 2 - Magic Circles
Angling is all things to all men – and women. Anyone can enjoy fly-fishing,
match fishing or specimen hunting, so we explore the varied branches of the nation`s
favourite hobby and catch some great fish along the way.


  Programme 3 - A Summer Idyll
Summer is a wonderful season because the whole world is alive, particularly underwater,
and large tench, catfish, rudd and an ‘impossible’ crucian join us as we bask in the sun.

  Programme 4 - A Sport for all Seasons
Exploring our four seasons provides endless variety and excitement for an array
of famous anglers who enjoy catching some big fish too.


  Programme 5 - Going Against the Flow
A portrait of the famous Hampshire Avon from source to sea, with
trout and salmon, barbel and roach, carp and mullet sharing the journey.

  Programme 6 - A Winter’s Gift
Cold weather often creates the most beautiful landscapes but also provides anglers with
some of the best fishing of the year, including grayling, chub, barbel, perch, pike and zander.

  Programme 7 - Close to Nature
Angling takes us closer to nature than any other sport, whether in Scotland or Shropshire,
and being surrounded by wildlife just adds to the enjoyment of catching giant carp.

  Programme 8 - No Need to Lie
Anglers sometimes catch fish so large that there’s “no need to lie”,
and in this final adventure ‘impossible’ sized tench, perch and pike prove that
monster fish can indeed make dreams come true.

  Programme 9 - The Ones That Got Away
In this extra programme, the “Directors Cut”, Hugh describes a little about the
making of the series and adds all those bits that got away in the previous films.

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 Parts 1 to 3 = 3hrs
 Parts 4 to 6 = 3hrs
 Parts 7 to 9 = 3hrs
 Each set = 9 hours in total running time

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Catching the Impossible
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